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The Ethics Committee on the WSSCSW Board of Directors is comprised of a group of diverse and seasoned clinical social workers. Together they work to address the ethical issues that are presented by and to the membership of WSSCSW. Through articles in the newsletter, questions posed to our listserv, professional development offerings and the content based here, this committee works to provide resources of information and support regarding the many ethical complexities in clinical social work.

Ethics Consultations

As a benefit of membership in WSSCSW, if a clinician is facing an ethical dilemma, he or she can request a consultation with our Ethics Committee. The ethics committee offers professional, consultative support to help in the consideration of ethical question. Please note that this service is not regulatory or prescriptive, however. It is meant to assist clinical social workers to clarify practice issues. The ethics committee may offer readings, discussion points, or refer the clinician to related resources.

To request a consultation contact, admin@wsscsw.org. Your request will be sent to the Ethics committee.

In your request, include the following information:

  • Your Ethical Question
  • Details of the dilemma (please keep confidentiality)
  • Type of response desired (readings, resources, etc.)
  • Time sensitivity if applicable

Please refer to the Ethics Links & Resources page for additional resources.


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