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CEU Application: Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to answer some common questions on this page. WSSCSW will add to this page as needed, to share the most information accessibly, with the intention of advancing your Continuing Education application process.

Can I/my organization give partial CE credits when someone attended only part of my event?

Answer: According to the State, partial credit cannot be awarded to someone who attended part, but not all, of a one day CE event or workshop. All attendees of any event occurring over a single day must be present throughout the entirety of the training to received CE credits. For a multi-day event or workshop, you may assign partial credit to those who attended some days in their entirety, but who were not in attendance for all days. Again, no partial CE credit assigned to partial day attendance.

Do I need to submit anything special to offer a live webinar training?
Answer: No, our regular training application, once approved, provides you/your organization the approval to offer either an in-person or webinar live event. Your approval letter from WSSCSW will look identical regardless of your training format, and the same training components are required in your application, in order to be approved. The state recommends that the training certificate you provide to those receiving the CEs specify in person vs. distance learning (this is not a requirement of WSSCSW for our records, but rather State guidance).

Can I/my organization submit an application for a CEU event during our membership period for an event that takes place after our membership expires?
Membership is only good for the time of your membership with us. We are unable to approve events that are past the expired membership status. You will have to renew your CEU membership with WSSCSW.

What is the $75 asynchronous webinar option?
Answer: This is a new type of approval that you may opt to add to any application for a live or webinar event. Add this option to your application gives your organization the opportunity to post a recording of your original live event (unedited in terms of time and content delivered) online for up to 60 days after the date of the live event. According to DOH, your organization would need to be able to verify that the participant signed-in at the beginning and completed a 'test of comprehension' before receiving CEs via distant learning.

For more specific questions not addressed here, you are welcome to contact the CEU Program Manager at:

The WA State Dept. of Licensing prefers that you contact them directly to best understand State requirements and guidelines related to continuing education offerings. You can access the DOL Continuing Education for Social Workers page,

Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work
14201 SE Petrovitsky Rd Ste A3-269 • Renton, WA  98058 •


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