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  • Understanding Key ADHD Executive Functioning Challenges, Skills and Strategies to Support Your Adult Clients with ADHD in Therapy

Understanding Key ADHD Executive Functioning Challenges, Skills and Strategies to Support Your Adult Clients with ADHD in Therapy

  • May 18, 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom, Link emailed upon registration


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Executive functioning skills are all the mental processes involved in starting, doing and finishing tasks. Examples include task initiation, emotional regulation, organization, planning, prioritization and time management. Executive  functioning skills are frequently impacted in adults with ADHD, leading to inefficiencies, ineffectiveness and procrastination on tasks.  This in turn impacts their personal relationships and professional goals.  The same challenges can also impact their ability to engage with and follow through in therapy for successful progress. She is the founder of Calm Seas ADHD Coaching.

Executive functioning strategies that work for non-ADHD clients often are not effective (and can sometimes be detrimental) for ADHD clients.  ADHD is also highly contextual and the same client can struggle in some contexts where their challenges are at the forefront while thriving in others where their strengths are more at play.   Understanding the differences in the ADHD and non-ADHD brain wiring is critical to help you set your ADHD client up for success.  It allows you to use structure, support and strategies that align well with their brain wiring

This presentation by Master Certified ADHD Coach, Vidya Guhan, will help you understand how key executive function skills present challenges for adults with ADHD, and how you can adjust your approach and ameliorate these gaps to empower your clients.  The presentation will cover several aspects of executive functioning skills including

  1. Brain activation 
  2. Emotional/ Self  regulation
  3. Working Memory
  4. Time Management

with a focus on understanding the difference between the ADHD and non ADHD brain wiring. 

This will help you be informed when working with adults with ADHD or couples with ADHD and non ADHD partners and empower you to use practical strategies to support clients with ADHD to be successful in therapy.

Learning Goals

Understand the key differences between the ADHD and non-ADHD brain wiring with respect to the relationship between interest, importance and attention and develop strategies to bridge these differences.

Understand important factors contributing to emotional/self regulation challenges in adults with ADHD and understand the role that short frequent informal practices of mindfulness can play in reducing emotional dysregulation, improving inhibition and increasing self compassion.

Learn practical strategies to optimize structure and support to improve engagement, follow through and emotional well being when working with adults with ADHD or couples with an ADHD/ Non-ADHD  partnership.

Presenter Bio

Vidya is a Master Certified ADHD coach, Professional Certified Life Coach and a licensed Speech Language Pathologist with over 16 years of experience developing executive functioning skills, such as time management, planning, organization and emotional regulation,  in children and adults. She currently focuses on coaching adults who have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, and finds joy in helping her clients discover how they are most naturally wired for success, how their ADHD challenges show up for them, and how to work successfully with their unique brain wiring. Vidya coaches clients individually and in small groups through her transformative Comprehensive CORE group coaching program.

Vidya is a well received speaker and offers webinars on ADHD related topics such as Procrastination to Productivity!  and Parenting with ADHD in Mind.  She is known for presenting information in a way that is easily understood, frequently including relatable examples, analogies and anecdotes.  Vidya works with professionals from all walks of life, including engineers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, writers and educators, and helps them transform their lives by understanding, owning and thriving with their ADHD.

**If you register and are unable to attend, please keep us informed so we can properly adjust our reservation. It is important as we engage in the community WSSCSW is regarded as good stewards of the places that we meet.

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