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Associates Program

The Associates Program continues to be an effective service for a growing number of who are within the first five years post graduate degree Associate members are eligible for the following services:

Consultation/Supervision Referral Service
In our profession, supervisory support is critical to our growth and to the quality of service we provide to our clients. It is also required in our advancement toward licensure. But it is not always a given where you may practice. Volunteer members of WSSCSW offer qualified supervision toward licensure, individually or in groups, at a sliding scale fee, giving you access to case consultation by senior social work clinicians.

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Free Mentorship Program
Ethics, environment, roles, and responsibilities, are just a few of the challenges of getting comfortable with a developing professional identity. The job search itself can be daunting. Through the Associates Program, you have access to a pool of WSSCSW members who have volunteered to be mentors, individually or in groups, on either a short-term or ongoing basis. Whether you have specific questions about hurdles to establishing a practice or you are embarking on a job search, a mentor can provide support and guidance in your transition and development.

Reduced Fee For Psychotherapy

If experience in our own therapy is essential to our development as effective clinicians, then WSSCSW would like to make it as accessible as possible. Should you be seeking psychotherapy for yourself, we offer confidential referrals to experienced members of WSSCSW, at a reduced or sliding scale fee.

Reduced Fee For Educational Events

In addition to Clinical Evening Meetings with presentations and CEUs, WSSCSW offers continuing education opportunities throughout the year. The Associates Program members are invited to join and participate at special lowered fees.

Lowered Dues

WSSCSW has established a special dues category for the Associate. Find out more about lowered membership dues.

Additional Benefits

  • Social events and networking among experienced clinical social work colleagues.
  • Extensive e-mail group providing a forum for referrals, job opportunites, practice questions, and support
  • Effective legislative advocacy to enhance and protect clinical social work practice in Olympia and Washington, DC.

Mentorship Group For Post-Graduates & Associates

WSSCSW sponsors a free mentorship group for post-graduates and Associates. The group is facilitated by clinically experienced and trained social workers and will meet throughout the year. While it is important to clarify that this is not a supervisory group, it does, however, offer a safe place in which to sort out one’s experiences in a field, which can be quite challenging emotionally. You do not have to be a member to participate in a mentorship group, although, most participants become members as they experience how the Society also helps to support Associates through legislative advocacy, supervision requirements, peer support and a sense of "professional home."

Mentoring Groups Provide Participants The Opportunity To:

  • Explore and further develop professional identity as a clinical social worker, especially as students transition from the status of student and enter into the profession.
  • Discuss practice challenges and ethical dilemmas in the field to further personal and professional growth
  • Discuss and integrate with practice various theoretical approaches and models of treatment
  • Gain exposure to various social work roles within the field via guest speakers
  • Discuss current macro issues that impact clinical work
  • Gain knowledge of group process and peer consultation through experience

New Group Information:

Please contact for specifics regarding mentorship groups that are forming.


Questions about the Associates Program?

Contact Associate Board Co-Chairs:
Melissa Wood-Brewster or
Joan Willemain

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