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Educational Equity Program

What is This Program?
The Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work (WSSCSW) Educational Equity Program is a partnership with The River's Wellness & Advocacy Foundation to support CEU applicants who wish to offer workshops and conferences to staff, volunteers, and community members. The CEU application fee is waived to approved program applicants to increase community access to expert facilitation and decrease barriers to healthcare training.

CEU Program Scholarship:
Educational Equity Program will meet continuing education units for Washington state mental health providers. Additionally, each Educational Equity Program recipient must work with the CEU program manager and program donor to develop and administer CEU programming that meets Washington state rules and regulations. Each CEU programming unit must complete the CEU Application found HERE. The application contains the CEU program requirements and administration of CEUs throughout the term of the scholarship.

Successful program applicants are those who have not received prior approval for workshops or conferences within a three-year period from WSSCSW.  If the applicant falls within the three-year window and space is available to support the applicant, they will be considered for the one time workshop or conference Educational Equity Program. The WSSCSW and The River's Wellness & Advocacy Foundation retain the right to decline applications at will. Successful program applicants are responsible for the content that they provide to the community and must meet Washington state requirements. Each presenter's training does not reflect the opinions, positions, or practices of WSSCSW or The River's Wellness & Advocacy Foundation.

The number of accepted program applicants may increase or decrease without notice to the public if funds and resources are available or unavailable. If all applicants who apply are of equal stature then the organizations chosen will be based on the order they were submitted.

Who Is Eligible For This Program?

Successful applicants must:

  • be an organization, health board, or practitioner in Washington state
  • only use the Educational Equity Program to provide training content for people who reside within Washington state
  • not be enrolled with the insurance office to issue CEUs
  • be in good standing and hold a license free of ongoing complaints and investigations
  • be committed to offering excellent care to all, regardless of their background
  • provide compassionate care to all through an equity lens
  • adhere to the NASW and CSWA code of ethics
  • complete continuing education credits and all other required training to remain in good standing
  • be an expert in the area that they will be providing the training for or have workshop facilitators who are
  • not receive any comparable CEU assistance through similar organizations
  • offer free or reduced price CEU training to staff, volunteers, and/or community once Educational Equity Program is received*
  • continue to meet CEU program requirements when enrolled in the program

* Any fees charged for the training must be to cover the cost of the overhead of the workshop, event. and/or conference, pay workshop facilitators for their services, and must be pre-approved by both the WSSCSW CEU program manager and The River's Wellness & Advocacy Foundation donor.

Successful program applicants may reapply to the program every three years with the understanding that the Educational Equity Program is not guaranteed and is dependent upon funding and availability of resources. Priority will be given to members and clinical social workers.

Due to the sheer volume of applications program applicants may not receive a response from the administrators of the program.

How Do I Apply For This Program?

Submit your completed application materials to At this time, the Educational Equity Program is only open for Washington state applicants.

I Have Questions, How Do I Contact Someone?
For more information or to submit your application please email

Educational Equity Program Application

Applicant’s name:
Applicant’s email:
Applicant’s phone number:
Will you be managing the scholarship? ___Yes   ___No
    If you marked no, then please provide the name and contact information of the person
who will be the point of contact.
Please attach a copy of your diploma and license.

If you're applying on behalf of an organization please also provide your information below.
Organization name:
Organization address:
Organization universal business identification number or non-profit tax ID number:
CEU Application HERE 

Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work
14201 SE Petrovitsky Rd Ste A3-269 • Renton, WA  98058 •


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